Staff of Dawn

Apple wood
From Neolithic ideas long ago
Forms the cup to hold the smoky
That you love so
Silicon dioxide
Life giving cycles do
From ancient granite deposits
Irradiation true
HEKATE the Thracian goddess
Of wisdom and the dark moon
Realised that she
Revered the smoky quartz a lot
For it amplified the truth
We see

The willow staff’s illumination
Its amplification of energy
Emanating from the rollright stones
From what is peace and harmony
Hand whittled by the lass who carries
Healing vibrations from the earth
A natural staff to aid and strengthen
Her gait it certainly offers worth
In pursuit of country wonders
In proportion to what’s around
Meandering the twists and turns
The winding tortuous paths to where
Ditch and dyke and trench and field
Where roots and thorn and bracken share
Our kinetic locomotion
Undisturbed sequestered we
Enterprising and resourceful
Forging ahead progressively.

Sensitiveness and perceptivity
Alive to feelings deeper still
Eeavesdropping on the forests children
Who in the twilight come to will
Coveted and just not seeing
How smoky quartz brings clarity
Unseen eyes are all around us
Not quite all the mystery
Your inquisitiveness and thoughts deep down
Corroborate the sounds you hear
The willow and the apples magic,
Coupled with the quartz is clear
Improves your honest intuition
What are your psychic powers to be
Observations and interpretations
And possible serendipity

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  1. Thank you Rex. This is fabulous.

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