Our forgetfulness can be a death sentence

Our forgetfulness matters
Our mercenary ways
Single use plastic
Down under it stays
Floating around
Curiosity well
From above or below
Its takes souls to Hell

Single use plastic
A plaything for some
A meal for others
A virtual crumb
For a dolphin perhaps
Or a whale tragically
Imagining it to be a hybrid jelly

We are complicit
Dumping this stuff
In bins with our rubbish
We all have enough
It goes into the landfill
And out in the sky
And before you can blink
Yes blink just one eye

Its back in the ocean
Fooling those who
See it as something to eat
Maybe you
Entangled intestines
The burden of guilt
ITs filling the body
With what feels like a silt
Like substance of plastic
Its now everywhere
Clogging us up
With just frightful despair
Single use dolphins here
Playing around
With single use plastic
Whenever its found.

They have the means
To treat it as a toy
Intelligence gatherers
Creating a joy
Out of what is now awful
And just shouldnt be there
The single use plastic
That is just everywhere

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