Mothers day

Tongue in cheek
And wishful thinking
Who is linking
All the woes
And all the cries
Of mothers
And their little guys

Their babies born
Who they can see
And the farmer taking
Them, who be
A real fraud
A wheeler dealer
No reward

For mothers who have carried
Babies all this time
They share
Their bodies with them
And now they are born
To be taken away
Thats the new dawn

Of awakening for mothers who
See kidnap as the thing to do
Rape then kidnap
Then murder they
Their babies all taken away

We want dairy
We want veal
We want spare ribs
Can you feel
The cries the woes
The screams the pain
Of their babies
Are we insane?

At the slaughterhouse
Its all over now
You want bacon anyhow
You want lamb with your mint sauce
And apple with your pork
Of course

Murdering scheming
Rotten farmers
All of them are serious harmers
Mothers day
Poor babies lost
Kidnapped thats the humane cost.

Happy mothers day we say happy mothers day

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