HACHIKO One man’s best friend

One man’s best friend
Was an Akita dog
From Akita in Japan
A professor of agriculture
It had always been his plan
To try to adopt an Akita dog
And one of his students said
There was a dog in Odati City
So it all came to a head

He went and found the animal
And the two of them became
The greatest friends imaginable
Like a son, the same
The dog was his companion
Everywhere he’d go
The dog was clearly anxious
Wanting to follow

Each day they went to the railway
Station to the SHIBUYA
Went with him and then met him
And became a star
Everybody knew him
Saw him everyday
Looking after his master
In every single way

An amazing bond developed
Between a professor and his dog
Sometimes he walked quite slowly
And sometimes they would jog
Both clearly loved each other
With a fondness all could feel
A closeness and a caring stance
That was so very real.

Hidesburo lived close to SHIBUYA train
And every day
the dog would accompany
His master to the train
And they would say

See you later at 4 0clock
And once again they would
And When the professor came back each day
The dog would be waiting
And both of them felt good

One day on the 25 th of May
Waiting As normal he
The professor didnt come back
He had died at work you see
HAchiko missed him terribly
And every day he still
Went to the station
To pick him up
For ten whole years
The thrill

Was there, that his dear friend
Would, one day return
But despite his regular
Stint each day
And his deep concern
He never came
And on the 8 th march
Ten years after
HAchiko died
And a bronze statue
Is waiting at the station just

Hachiko is still hoping
Still waiting maybe so
And he has become so famous
In Japan for most people know

Of him

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