Duck killing Victorians

Beautiful ducks
From children we appreciate them so
And to think that in Australia
Hunters want to go
And decimate their numbers
The 16th of March
To the 19th of May
Thats the shooting season
That appears their way

Of appreciation
For the gifting that they get
The Pacific Black
THe Mountain
THe Chestnut Teal
The flack
clearly will be everywhere
The Pink-eared
And the Wood
The Hard head
All these specimens
Can be bagged
5 a day and good

As for the Blue Winged Shoveller
They are off the list
This year they are prohibited
So the murderers must resist
Doom and gloom the dead and dying
Will be everywhere
Downed ducks must all be retrieved
Imagine the despair

Existence and the living
Bio energy
The vital spark
The staff of life
As hunters you can be
Aiming and killing
These beautiful souls
Bloodshed butchery
Australia proudly announces
The vile thuggery

Hunters will from dawn to dusk
Slaughter as they fly
Put down hasten shoot to kill
Watch the beauties die
Some it seems draw pleasure
Watching others suffer so
Insensitiveness and stupor
Dishonesty on show

Scant respect for life
The irreverance we see
Contemptuousness and derision
How now can all that be
These were gifted to us
Given majestic flight
And all we do is shoot them
Now can that be right

Unfitting and unworthy
It is a crying shame
I see it as impropriety
My heart is all aflame
It really is discriminatory
Such heartlessness abroad
Intolerant and sadistic
And lacking all accord

Where is the fraternal feeling
The generosity
Where are the best intentions
The altruistic thee
Why bad blood and hatred
Why lack of concern
Why so disobliging
One day you will get your turn

Flight presents such freedom
Having wings imagine that
And all we want to do
Is imagine that we are at
Odds with gifted miracles
And so our need is we
Must take our guns and shoot
Them dead
Tnat is who we be

As travellers in Victoria
Why would we want to go
Despite the tourist industry
I would not want to know
Exchanging my hard earned cash
For shooters who dont care
All they want out of this life
Is to Kill and never share

What the repercussions are
TO family or to foe
Just blow their pretty heads off
And watch them as they go
Down a swirling banshee
Screaming for all their worth
Thats the vile admission
Of these angels of the earth

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