Canada goose and the margin hunters

A certain illogicality.surrounds
the fashion trade
Canada Goose is a company
Whose inconclusive raid
Upon the natural wildlife
Is measured in the way
Their minds work
And their balance sheet
And their margins

Their perception is that
Coyotes were put on earth
To be
Trapped and killed and murdered
In their hundreds
Purely so that they could make
Cuffs and collars for
The outdoor men and women
Who buy them by the score

Sold because a wild souls fur
Would be warmer than the faux
And cheaper in the long run
As “Canada Geese” does know
Similarly with lining
They make use of hutterite Geese
Farmed in family units
With kindness and with peace

Leg hold traps laid on the ground
Cause very nasty injuries
And To do this is unsound
Its cruelty and vile abuse
Of wild animals and they
Suffer lacerations
And broken bones and pay
Highly in their stressed state
Tongue injuries galore
All sorts of dislocations
A slow death for sure

Making a case for killing
Canada Goose does do
They say that faux fur freezes
And holds water which is true
The real mcoy is coyote
And goose down and so what
Torturing and killing animals
Who cares when theres a lot

Making their case for killing
And trapping them this way
They forget to tell the purchasers
How other wild souls pay
It isnt always coyotes
Who are trapped and die this way
Their basis of reasoning
Is that eveybody feels
Coyotes are a nuisance
As continued sale reveals

Coyotes are a predator
Of Rodents Rabbits Hares
Birds and Reptiles fish and Deer
They balance their affairs
They may take lambs and calves
Thats the risk one takes
But thats no reason to abuse
False reasoning just makes

The animal rights fraternity
Prove the contrary
The miracle of creation,
Was never set to be
Based on such injustice
And partiality
Looking with a jaundiced eye
At sales regrettably

Its a dose of narrow mindedness
Of intolerance unseeing
The torture and the violence
For a living being
Its pedantic and unbending
Self conceited and
Nothing as cruel as this
Should ever be stolen from the land

Cougars wolves are upset
For coyotes are their prey
And abusing them for commercial sales
Is imbalancing and way
Off the mark of sustainability
Based upon the sale
The budgets and the business
One argument must fail

Their basis is of ignorance
The unwitting purchaser feels
Its right that animals be tortured
And killed when the seller he conceals
The savagery and torture
The folly of it all
The purdah and the subterfuge
And duplicity on call

The untruthfulness and mendacity
The insincerity
The suffering the bleeding out
And lack of clarity
And ofcourse its all for fashion
To look good on the trail
To forget the victims misfortune
And That shameful wicked sale

In pursuit of profits
For the shareholders they do
Reduce the costs to animal deaths
Trapping and its true
Spitefulness and cruelty
Should never ever be
Built into a business
Its wicked actually

Profiteering from adversity
By causing misery
By infliction or humiliation
Should never ever be
Its sinister and unfavourable
To make profit in this way
And in the long run
Certainly is terrible feng shui

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