Attacking fracking

Filter feeding mussels
It’s what you might expect
Oil and gas waste
It has to be faced
Science ofcourse will detect
Strontium that lack of calcium
And Clearly it now has been found
Fracking is lacking
And ofcourse attacking
Our inner strength
Pound for pound

you better believe it
Proof for those tenants
What shit we display
Self admiration
That’s the relation
The cardinal virtues
That we all display

It is a burden of guilt
Innocent children
Right up to the hilt
Suffer in solitude
For the blame game
The sin of omission
It is the same

Energy wanting
Recanting alas
The bank accounts bursting
Fracking for gas
It’s what it’s about now
Atonement does come
Offshore in some tax haven
That gentle drum

Of the sea on the sand
It helps one to feel
Somewhat compensatory
Yes even real
Austerity matters
For locations where
The house prices fell
Away once they were there

Fracking attacking
The fabric and we
See the mussels the filtering
Souls now who be
Groaning and guzzling and gorging
For they
Felt fracked in that moment
The follows their day

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