A few moments in the Dairy

The greatest con
In History
Milk and veal my god
How could we all be taken in
Its been a massive rod
Bearing down upon us all
The vegetarians too
Who gave up flesh but drank
The babies fluids who
Were then consigned to darkness
A chain
A crate its true

If you want bodily fluids
That calf is done for
From its loving mother
With anger and with scorn
Sent off to the slaughterhouse
Or shot to death on farm
So you can enjoy your escalope
Imagine all that harm

So you can eat your double cream
Your yoghurts
And your cheese
Put massive strain
On your heart muscle
And even try to freeze
The cream to make your ices
With chemicals galore
Feed it to your babies
With chocolate whirl and more

The dairyman all smiles
And rosy cheeked
In his four by four
The caring sharing daring man about town
Some adore
He knows about the misery
And how he steals the cream
How he watches
the mother
And how her poor eyes stream

With sadness for her baby
Whose she carried
All those days
So soon taken away from her
Really it does raise
Terrible thoughts of sadness
For she is a mother too
The action and the reaction
Is sadly down to you

If you want bodily fluids
If you want chunks of cheese
If you want to use rennet
Then the calf is there to please
Strip out its stomach lining
That is what they do
To coagulate the cream
To make the cheese
Taste good for you

We are kingpin murderers
Ignorant as sin
We let the dairies
We let them underpin
The cruelty the agony
The matriarchal pain
And if the mothers
Slaughtered before they are born
It is insane

For the calves skin
Yea we want that too
Dead flesh dead skin
All dead
Little babies open their eyes
And die
For we were lead
To believe that cows milk
Provided us
With the calcium we need
Sucking on the hairy udder
For our initial feed

A cow given its life term
Will live some 30 years
So we believe our babies
Who also show some tears
Should be raised on bovine fluids
And live three score and ten
It makes no sense to anyone
But then the dairy men

The abattoir the milk brigade
Are in it for the dosh
The human being believes the dairy crap
Just lets it wash
Over all their brain cells
A fourlegged ungulate must
Be the godly reason
Why so many people lust

Over their lovely custard
Their yoghurts and their cream
Over their salty coloured cheese
Can anyone redeem
Any common sense at all
From humans who believe
Tnat bodily fluids
From ungulates
Really do achieve

Anything thats natural
Apart from profit for
The dairy
So be wary
And forgoe the blood and gore
Forgo all the infantide
There is no need at all
For human beings with any sense
To get down in the stall

And suck their prime nutrition
From a bovine species who
Was meant to feed their babies
Rather than the likes of YOU
Besides it is so processed
If given to the cow
In the state we drink it
You then must ask quite how

It is the calf will die
Because we have ruined it at source
Just to make the money
And add cream to our sauce
And then it goes in soups and
In tablets lactose everywhere
Just so we can forget the baby calves
And ofcourse their despair

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