“Freddie” and “Merlin”

“Mares” A sanctuary in Bulawayo
A place for sad donkeys
Injured and sad
In a country that’s poor
and has thousands of animals
Suffering terribly
Clearly the bad

Times bring out evil
And hatred and sadness
And the donkeys the working souls
Suffer so much
This sanctuary helps them
It’s saves them re homes them
And does what it can
By Staying in touch

“Freddie” poor soul
Was beaten and chopped
With a machete
His head bleeding so
He was exhausted
From working all hours
And couldn’t work fast enough
Losing his powers
His owner frustrated
With his lot had taken
His anger out on him
For many hours

Expecting so much
In the heat chopping wildly
Terrible head wounds
To put it mildly
Clearly a psychopath
Causing such harm
And instability

Only a crackpot
Could torture like so
An hysteric obsessive
As the blood it did flow
Suffering terribly
Claire Einhorn
Was on hand
And a rescue could be

Already dear Freddie
Is recovering well
He has been re homed
So I have heard tell
He is a quite a fellow
As donkeys go
Apparently happy
To be back in the flow

Another called Merlin
Found in the street
Again worked to death
In all of the heat
His tail it was gone
His skin much gone too
But they have made him a tail
And his magic comes through
Love in Bulawayo
Certainly makes
a hell of difference
For all donkeys sakes

Thanks to the
MARES Donkey Sanctuary

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