Wrong doing and corruption

Some Animals hardly have any rights
Other than to work and surely die
In Africa more especially In Zimbabwe
It is high
Time that the poor old donkeys
Got a thought or two
They are beaten up and badgered
Working hard for all they do

Human beings tragically
All corrupted very well
Everywhere its viperous
We do possess a hell
On earth and fall into it
Taking animals with us they
Suffer really terribly
In the cold light of each day

The donkeys as I said
Are abused they carry
Heavy loads for little
Every day
People do not value them
They are taken for granted
Because they try to please
They are made to pay

Bribery and corruption
It is everywhere
Officialdom and soldiers
Smugglers rogues they all
Are in the pit together
And animals ofcourse suffer
Hauling contraband
Always on call

South African farmers
Use them to feed canned lions
Their hides exported to China
For Ejiao
The plight of donkeys
Truly is impossible
Cursed tortured and murdered
Which is how

A being such as peaceful
As the donkey
Created by a miracle some say
Is suffering the vagaries of teror
Goodness and mercy seems so far away
Its very nature calls for our benevolence
It tolerates our angst and venom we
Are ferociously unfair to all the donkeys
Who live and die in actual purgatory

In Africa so many smuggling syndicates
Abuse the donkeys every single day
Carrying their cargo over terrible terrain
And rewarded with a beating many say
Abused by each and every soul imaginable
Hardly any friends for them to see
Compassion clearly it just never reaches them
And writing of their lives so saddens me

Non hostile and amicable and friendly
Faithful staunch and wonderful they be
Well meaning and born of a humble spirit
Lowly meek and innocent we see
Unprotesting servile and unassuming
Born of expectation and of hope
But dealing with so many cynical beings
Most of whom should be hanging off a rope
I fail to see where karma is as donkeys
In Africa get short shrift everywhere
Weariness and oppression
Its the human obsession
Casting donkeys into pure despair

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