The poacher class

Unhinged just true transgression
An intrusion one might say
To pass the point of no return
On any given day
Quester seeker tracker
Filching thievery
Purloin maraud and plunder
To a larcenous degree
Contrary to reason
Irrational and wrong
Incongruous and unwarranted
It just cannot belong
Truthfully poorly reasoned
And unrigourous display
A flaw in all their arguments
Loose and woolly all the way

A total lack of vision
A gullibility
Biased warped and jaundiced
A fallibility
Petty minded and narrow
And opinionated creep
Unjust and intolerant
The sort of arse that makes
Most of us
Just sit down and weep

The poacher has that dullness
That imbecility
Clearly a retarded oaf
Plagued with inanity
Every indiscretion
And misjudgement in the book
an incompetent subnormal
Not worth a second look

Weak in the upper storey
And slow on the uptake
Unenlightened and unstable
In reality a fake
A nincompoop and half-wit
A vagueness through and through
Who talks of conservation
As if its something new

An uncultivated lowbrow
So many of them about
All decked out in camouflage
its where you find their snout
Always in the shittiest trough
Dropouts in a way
With a crisis of conscience
Almost every day

So credulous and easily taken in
By what they are told
The safari clubs and canned hunting farms
They are as good as gold
Parting with their money
Convinced by all they hear
Everything is gospel
Defaming them its clear

The mendacity its out there
Deceit and perjury
The charlatans are queuing up
To present the falsity
Pious fraud and artfulness
Collusion all the way
The poacher gets a dose of it
And he knows how to pay

For he disrespects creation
Disparages the weak
Undervalues everything
With such outrageous cheek
Jeering jibing scoffing
Abject worthless mean
Rides roughshod over everything
Just so hostile and obscene

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