Sub standard dead flesh

Recently in Poland
A slaughterhouse was found
To be abusing its trading
Platform for its market
Wasnt sound
The animals it butchered
Were sickly and were lame
They were buying in disabled souls
Apparently their aim
Was to increase their margin
Buy buying inferior meat
And selling it as quality
Good for the balance sheet

Secret film exposed the cheating
10 tons shipped to the EU
Raped and tortured dairy cows
Lame and cancerous too
A lot goes on behind closed doors
Everywhere today
Tumours and inflammation
Sees blind eyes look away

I am afraid its happening
A lot lot more than here
This is one that was spotted
But I would live with fear
Eating processed dead flesh
Because for me its very clear
All the chemical additives
All the GMO’s
All the strife and torture
For me what it does pose
Is many souls are sickly
When they come to be
Butchered in the abattoir
And nobody can see

The abattoir is being checked
Every single day
But I am sure there are many
Animals that pay
A high price for their short lives
For the dietary regime
For the arrogance and money saving
Systems that now seem
To shorten lives considerably
The numbers that become
Lame or very sickly
And I am certain some
Go to their mansion in the sky
As sick as they can be
And end up in the burger
Or the sausage tragically

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