Life modification

The ocean was tangible palpable
Largely, able to
Offer the great souls real worth
A kindred affection
A tribal connection
A vast an analagous spirit
To earth

Creative uniqueness
Of primordial nature
An instinctive program
Stable and square
A vital vastness
Great depths and great height
Far flung and prevailing
Just everywhere

An array of such beauty
And all of this in spite
Of the aeons of wholeness
And thorough regard
Biodiversity acclimatization
Boundlessness and unfathomable
Oceans were starred
By A vast eternity
Wholly enduring
Unageing unchanging

Onto the undoing
The obliteration
Humanities quest
To be all things to all
With a might and a force
With a sovereign decision
Dredged up from its source
An all powerfsll wall

Of hunting ability
Such the invincible
Stalwart and vigorous
Forcibly so
Capturing blackfish
And other cetaceans
For theme parks
And aquaria
As we now know

By stealth
To the edge of forever
To a watery cell
To a ring if you will
A prison for angels
To wallow in fervour
A vagueness and nondescript
Misshapened swill

A colour blue
The concrete tiled surfaces
Chemical waters
Would weaken and tear
A lifeless bubble
An insipid ferment
Growing ever fetid
A malodorous air

Death nothing living
Its so artificial
No wave sounds
Just loud speakers
Raging all day
The dream of some silence
Of hush or of stillness
Of whalesong and wonder
Of nature at play

Natural light
The great mantle of being
The sun in the heavens
The moon in the sky
And the colour of stars
And the glory of Heaven
It all can be shared
Which is obviously why

Brainwork and thoughtfulness
Comes with the reverie
Consideration and pensive desire
When in watery prisons
Engrossment lies heavy
Haunted and hooked up to
Humanities fire

Disregard and distraction
SEAWORLD its arrogance
And ignorance are
Fused now together
No one can sever
The unwarranted patterns
That do wound and scar

We live half a life
In a cesspool and urine
The feckless are at it
As turnover fails
Its all about balance sheets
Staying unbalanced
Overlooked and omitted
Which certainly pales

Into insignificance
Captivity shortens
Our lives the certainty
Seemingly sees
We suffer in silence
Tortured and aching
Beaten to death inside
Our hearts breaking

Unknowing unwitting
Artless and wrong
Untutored and untrained
We do not belong
With the numbskull trainers
Braindead from the offing
Imposters in point of fact
Well versed at scoffing

At the unorthodoxy
Perverted and misread
Garbled and erratic
Spreading such lies
Risible crackpots
Spilling their silliness
Pretentious and harebrained
Stuff we all despise

Hunted and tortured
So violated
Slaves to the system
On earth we became
Angels our lives cut short
By the laggards
The Sea World bullies
Who meant to inflame

Cetaceans the world over
Balleen and killer
Horned toothed and all sorts
All part of those who
Are Floundering tragically
In man made prisons
In complete pointlessness
The denseness the oafishness
Yes maybe YOU.

Are one of the guilty
Paying your money
Buying a ticket
To witness our pain
With a bag of warm chips
Perhaps some sweet candy floss
You mindless devils
Are A great seaworld drain


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