Innocence a fast disappearing phenomena

Righteousness and honour
Morality abroad
The virtue that is infancy
And the due reward
Of babies born
Created by the almighty
Who knows all
But the parent killed
For the table and the unborn
Clearly spilled

Out upon the slaughterhouse floor
With no where it can go
An unborn angel staring
At a death perhaps below
The shining light of goodness
The miracle we see
Sacrificed for profit
For leather tragically

Murdered for its soft skin
For wallets and purses they
The people who enjoy fine goatskin
Otherwise their day
Isnt satisfactorily
The arrogant the cruel
The ignorant the wicked
Who didnt gonto school

Whose integrity I question
Amoral all the way
The villianous transgressing
Happening every day
Murdering a pregnant mother
And disposing of her child
A soul so highly principled
Born into the wild

We have to see the immaculate
The unspotted and give care
And love and full attention
To the baby standing there
Be paragons of virtue
With a conscience thats supreme
Protecting little children
We should never hear ever scream

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