Snowflakes wet and beautiful
Flower like,fall away
The festival of Imbolc
It be Brigids day
Patron of the flocks of sheep
And little lambs that play
Lactating ewes spread the good news
On this 2nd day

She be venerated in the morning light
Healing wells and wondrous springs
Its about their joyful flight
Its all those sweet gyrations who
Sail down from the sky
That hear the bleating lambs of Light
Who in the coolness ply

A patron of the druids and Bards
She cleared to be
Sharing her eternal aura
And the sacred fire we see
Who has negotiated wisely
Stepped out and let us be
Keeping up her standards
On the gold strand sands we see

In milk the sheep regarded
Their richness apparently
Perpetual and undying
Immortal spirits flee
The milk of the mother
For her dying son
Man has done his imaging
His science as if spun

Imbolc marks the midway
From the dark point of the year
It also says the ewes are in milk
The invigoration clear
Soon comes the first ploughings
When the snowdrops smile and spread
Their ermine splendour skywards
Seeing daffodile now thread

Their way out of the ice and snow
Knowing the chill of old
Suffering the wintry winds
That rupture those so bold
And to sound their trumpets earlier
As the light now comes to bear
As the Brigid crosses made of reed
Friends having made to share

The great sun takes to shining
And the earth begins to warm
A bowl of steaming oAt groats
Frighten off a storm
Some of the reeds left on the step
May receive a blessing she
Thats Brigid who may have passed at night
With her love and care will be

Porter cake with raisins
And lots of candied peel
Rowan its the celtic tree
Your inner peace reveal
It will uplift the spirit
And influence the soul
The enchantress of the Rowan tree
Helps us address our role.

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