“Fried fishing”

The uncultured state
Of being
Their undoing in a away
to consider killing a baby shark
And then making it pay
Levelling destruction
Being ruinous and wrong
By creating a fitration
Commonly a “bong”
A hookah
A popper bottle a bubbler
A pipe
Smoking of the dreaded weed
The sheesha a new type
Of device using baby sharks
Disembowelled so they
Can then be made to prevent the
Particulates going on their way

Down into the lungs
A vile and deliberate device
Murdering a baby shark
Which really isnt nice
Its contrary to reason
Its incredulous to me
That anyone with half a brain
Would adopt this lunacy
A baby shark is slaughtered
So as to become a bong
In anybodys train of thought
Such action ofcourse its wrong

Its spiteful and its callous
Intolerant and wrong
Its dishonest insincerity
How can it belong
Duplicity and treachery
And lacks all honesty
Smoking drugs by abusing
Is indeed venality

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