Descended from the wild ass
Some 40 million now
In the world and mostly
Pack animals and how
They work hard in hot climates
Draught animals they be
They eat a lot of grass
They eat voraciously.

Recently Pakistan
Has realised they can fulfil
China’s use of Donkey Hides
And meat farms there are still
Really not producing
The amounts that China need
And so are getting ready
Hoping to succeed

With 80,000 donkeys
In the next three years
Live exports on a grand scale
Despite ofcourse the fears
The cruelty envisaged
Live animals suffer so
Transported as the trade demands
And when its starts to grow

Donkeys are social animals
Peace loving one can say
Domesticaled members of the Horse
Or Equidae
In China donkey hide is used
Its soaked and stewed to make
A gelatine as a medicine
“EJIAO” comes as a cake

A three billion dollar
Its the foreign exchange
And donkey meat is selling too
Right across the range
Meat eating its protein
And markets feel the need
To supplement their rice and vegetables
Hoping it will lead

To an increase in the trading
Right across the board
Donkey is a meat that
Most still can afford
As China grows its population
Needs a lot more meat
And Donkey provides two aspects
And a way of providing heat

The Donkey is exceptional
In that it works so hard
And now it becomes a commodity
Its evolution scarred
I do feel very sorry
For animals that slave
And when retired
Are eaten
For me thats very grave

Humanity overides Nature
In a despicable way
Places a curse
On a beautiful soul
And forces it to pay
A high price for existence
It so wholly unfair
It never gets put out to grass
And so to be aware

Of this its rather like
The cows
Tortured all their lives
And murdered at the end of it
When hardly one survives

A vegan diet helps more than we can imagine

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