Animals cruelty sanctioned by carnivores

Auction houses slaughterhouses
Farms and puppy mills vivisection laboratories
Where animals blood just spills
Out of them most every day
Cruelty there reigns
Operators most frustrated
All with shit for brains

The meat eating public
All turn their blind eye
They know that cruelty happens
Underneath the sky
Beating torture murder
Live exports Such despair
Its wicked it is awful
And no one seems to care

Its down to their loose morals
The slippery slope they are on
Visiting zoos and game parks
Knowing what a con
They all are how they beat and
Shackle animals every day
The dolphins and the orca’s And the penguins
How they pay

The TV chefs the restaurants
The butchers everywhere
The fishmongers all murderers
The blood and gore they share
Carnivores are guilty
Of the cruelty abroad
If they were made to kill their lunch
They would be in accord

And see to it the bullfighting
And bear baiting were banned
Cock fighting and dog fighting
And fox hunting on our land
Hare coursing and game shooting
All done by toffs who are
Rich of pocket poor of spirit
But do kill from afar

And all of them are guilty
Of the ozone layers high
Methane from the cow farts
Its why so many die
Not cows you fools but people
Climate change and breath
Farting cows are causing it
Causing all this death

Lakes of shit and slurry.every sodding where
Skin and fur and bush meat
And feathers that should scare
The living daylights out of
Those children eating too
The dead flesh and the organs
And the bloody offal true

Sausages and burgers and faggots
On their plate
saveloys and frankfurters
Pink slime
They cant wait
Fish fingers and tuna
Everything that crawls
That swims that flies
That screams that dies
That even climbs up walls.

Fruit gums full of bones and gristle
Cheese and junkets too
Full of rennin acid from calves stomachs
Babies stripped from mother cows
For calfskin purses they
Do not even see the light
But still they have to pay

Baby male chicks suffocated
Or crushed every day
Calves the little babies
All taken away
So we can eat their baby flesh
And ofcourse call it veal
So the ignorant
Dont know what it is
Except a lovely meal

Torturing ducks and geese
Creating a disease
Then eating that bloody disease
Foie gras if you please
The rich pay through their noses
To spite their rotten face
Swollen livers breach weak lungs
Blood, all over the place

Torture grief and mayhem
Thats butchery today
Halal kosher killings
No stunning they just pay
The piper with his bloody knife
That cuts across their throat
They are hung up for the pleasure
A killing of note

Religion its gets everywhere
Eggs and roe we see
Livers lungs and kidneys
That really smell of wee
Blood ofcourse in sausage
Skins make music too
Drums and sausage casings
murder the day through

What really could be finer
Than pig bones in bone china
Soft brown sugar coloured with bone char
Its the way
Refine it as white sugar
Then colour it light brown
Burning cow bones merrily
The animals go to town

And many of them females
Get it its the females
Dying in their millions
Being worked into the sod
Many lame and painful
When their throats are being torn out
Alas you do not hear their screams
Just keep praying to your god

The countries with most churches
Have also many abattoirs
Farm animals have no rights
This is how we are
Carnivores can turn blind eyes
And stuff their ears with cotton wool
The glaciars are melting fast
And the butchers shops are full

2 comments on “Animals cruelty sanctioned by carnivores

  1. This poem brought me back to my childood and exposed every facet of my being
    However you feel reading it, if you chose then its because the underlings are at a point of exhaustion and we collectively have to try and prevent this cruelty. It breaks my heart to see it snd feel its write about it x

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