Trapping and Penning Coyotes and Foxes

We often hear of China and how immoral they be
But let me tell you America
Takes some beating tragically
Many states in the south west
Are guilty really so
Of barbarism on a scale
That most of you dont know

A hunter traps coyotes
And foxes when he can
A leg hold trap that wounds and frightens
This method they should ban
The fear this causes wild souls
Each time they move and inch
The trap cuts deeper
Its agony it feel like a deep pinch

Bruising savage methods
On wild souls in their space
It calls for an obtuseness
And you should see the face
Of souls who lie there
Waiting bleeding anguished so
Victimized by hunters
The lowest of the low

They often film themselves
Of then releasing the trapped soul
Not to give it its freedom
But to keep it and to show
Their wild dogs and their mates
Who practice penning
Which is why
The wounded fearful creatures
Then are left to did

In pens in fenced off areas
With a dozen hungry hounds
The idea is to disembowel them
A blood sport that now drowns
Out just any reasoning
Anyone has to say
This is evil barbarism
With monsters now at play

Its hideous to imagine
To watch it you have to be
Sick and so depraved
Its frightful larceny
There are no words to describe
And to call it a sport
Trapping snd then Penning
Those really have no thought

No feeling no imagination
They clearly are not humane
The fear and awe the mortal flight
Its as close as to insane
Its flesh creeping its awful
And one can only feel
For the beautiful wild
That this terror does reveal

These hunters are the riff raff
Dregs of society
Many have a lot of dosh
They the borgeoise
Own farms and big houses
With shit for brains we know
They havent got a scintilla of compassion
Its a blow

To me, to hear these modern day
Cowboys seem to feel
Toruring wild animals
Gives them gal appeal
THey really think and reckon
Themselves as men of fire
Shameless brazen butchers
Whose aura is just dire

They are really full of loathing
Hostile to anyone
They can throw their weight about
Like they have always done
They have a grudge with life itself
And with Nature and us all
They really are an anathema
With a stink that does appal

In many states its banned
A bit like hunting foxes here
Where the coppers turn a blind eye
And where so many live in fear
When they are out a hunting
Best bloody keep away
Cos you can end up really hurt
For they will make you pay

Here we have the saboteurs
Who take the hunters on
But in America they all have guns
And in a trice you are gone
And buried its a nasty business
And its best to stay away
These poor wild souls
Die terrible deaths
Every single day

TRapping Oenning Hunting
Mans sport gets to me
Watching healing squealing screaming
Animals that be
Trapped one leg each time they pull
Trying to get away
Knowing in their heartbof hearts
That this is their judgement day

Ill wishing and the bloody minded
Are now on their case
Rancourous and bitter
Not the human race
These are feral blackguards
And infernal is their play
So even the cops given half a chance
Would probably stay away.

Is Alabama
SOuth Dakota
And Wisconsin

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