A standoff in Paris
Tear gas aimed high
Shields at the ready
The tension feels high
They charge at the crowd
As the rocks start to fall
Paris a battleground
A moving wall
Of bodies some injured
Bystanders who
Were ready to take back the city.
A clue
Bandaged up
Victims beaten with spite
The temperature rising
With the fading light

Clearly the police show
their violence and they
Must expect a new charge
For this isnt the way
It is war France is feeling
The bitter onslaught
Macron’s severity
And global thought
Red white and blue smoke
Truncheons held high
The people stand ready
And this is no lie
The bludgeoning mob
With flags and bare hands
Their sanity rob
Vor theres clearly no plans

Expletives I am sure
Chants in the crowd
Fists in the air
Wih energy rising
Most now dont care
Who dares to ignore
Paris today
They are pissed off
With Macron with Merkyl and May

The whole SOROS interlude
And the EU
Migrants and fuel costs
And really its true
The workers are suffering
Not the MEP’s
Who are feathering their nests
Whilst killing the bee’s

The big EU
Unelected we see
Drenched in their suits
Brain dead easily
Taking the piss
Out of the working man
In France and in Italy
And the UK who can
Not face the bastards
Not any more
Its out on the street
And give them what for.

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