Norway’ s arrogance

There was once established wolf zones
But the government of the day
Decides that hunters have the right
To kill them anyway
Such arrogance is unfounded
They are unable to see
6 wolf packs in the area
That supposedly should be

Got rid of Norways answer
To the hunters call
The finality of murdering them
Only the ignorant fool
Sets themselves against nature
Against wildness let me say
For wolves are natural artists
In the environment they play

A huge and positive reason
To allow them to run free
What the hunters do
Is ruin creativity
If Norway is this ignorant
Then the people around a bout
Should stop buying their exports
Leave them in no doubt

That countries love compassion
They love all empathy
But killing and harming wildlife
Sorry should now never be
Wolf zones are important
Only five per cent
Thats a tiny area
And is money well spent

Hunters they are murderers
Nature they just kill
They are never happy
If blood they do not spill
For 12 wolves to be murdered
Norway has to pay
And a european boycott
Is in place now

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