Born at Seaworld died at Seaworld
A really fitting end
Born into a prison cell
That the arrogant defend
They allocate a precious life
To educating all
But They were never educated
Sadly and the call
Was only to be profitable
The balance sheet was key
A life sentence of thirty years
Was how it had to be

Given human names
Kayla its a shame
In the wild another sixty years
Some people claim
Be sure this female
Suffered alone her struggle made
All the worse for sea world
And now her soul is laid
Firmly in Orlando
A hell hole in a way
For she was subjugated
By the ignorant who pay

Who buy their seaworld tickets
And imagine its all right
Everything feels kosher
But of course for them the blight
Continues beautiful creatures
Subjected to a life
Of entertainment only
And thirty years of strife

She ‘s dead gone to a better place
Given up the ghost
Living on dead fish
Drugged up daily
What she wanted most
Was the ocean was the family
Was the spirit of the sea
Not a prisoner to be gawped at
By the human idiocy

“Kayla” derived from a Jewish origin

Means a crown of laurels

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