“The loves of the gods”
Above us
Extending with great soul
Annibale Carracci
Took on this splendid role
It was known as mannerism
A technique of artisty
11 years of dedication
And perfect synergy

The frescoe’s they were beautiful
Immaculate they and far
Flawlessness transcending
Clearly the brightest star
Of diligence and fervour
Of eminence and grace
Such unbelievable artistry
From the heart
And at a pace

Classical and beautiful
Dramatic and joyful we
Can look up to the heavens
To the infallibility
11 years of excellence
Of exemplary regard
Such gravity and influence
Unwaveringly hard

At the end Cardinal Odoardo
Insulted him and gave
Him just 500 scudi
On a saucer it couldnt save
His exhaustion and his sadness
For he began to fade away
Charged with the rent
It left him bent
Making him to pay

For living in the gallery
Broken, he was done
This obdurate and mulish man
His behaviour it would stun
A sadness born of callousness
Depressed him through and through
Profoundly lost in misery
As to what now he could do

Carraci died of a broken heart
Insulted and saddened by
The ugliness and unfairness
Which occasioned him thus to die
A broken hearted artist
A genius of soughts
Crying his sweet eyes out
With his most crestfallen thoughts.

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