Trapper women

Look at her
Hideous wretch that she is
Her gracelessness honestly
She is the biz
A hunter and poacher a trapper
A slut
An odious creature
As dull as a nut

And look what she left
A trap for to steal
The life of an animal
Who was for real
As wild as the wind
As sharp as the blade
And she a vile women
In the fur trade

Crouching over her victim
A meaningless whore
Whose mind is unsound
Breaking every law
She looks down at him
He is clearly afraid
We can feel what a traitor
She is and her blade
Will be killing this soul
And skinning him too
From her hat and her waistcoat
We have the best clue

Such a bitch there she is
As ugly as sin
The plainess of janes
Right for the bin
You can just about cut the fear
On the face
of the soul
Its foot broken through
That it will never chase

She is defiant
She challenges all
Puts a brave face
Its her photo call
Appearing so brave
One might hope this poor
Soul can take a bite
And bloody her senses
Just put up a fight

As smug as can be
These trappers they are
Torturing bitches
They do leave their scar
On the environment
Ill-fated unlucky
Our bright little star

He struggles
He tugs with his trapped foot
On fire
In a sea of troubles
He needs to retire
From this life
Run away
Be off
But alas
He is going to die
In her vile morass

Its her show of force
She’s as heartless as hell
A draconian bitch
As rigid as well
She is his master
He’s going to die
And be disembowelled
In the wink of an eye

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