The Linnets

Many a poet has sung their song
So killing them now has to be wrong
English Nature apparently
Believes they are a threat
To air safety

The finch family
Fast trills and tweets
Feeds on the ground
But the elites
The brainboxes
The tory clan
Have asked that a hundred
Die the ban

Cooked up somewhere
So we hear
In the minds of those
Weed seed eaters
Protected they
Are to be killed now
Come what may

All the poets
Wrote about the wild birds
Now watch as government
Does its stuff
Destroys their eggs
I have seen enough

Song birds all birds
Are getting the chop
And its unfair

We have to stop them
We have to try
The government mobsters
They are high

On unbalancing Nature
With each sweep
Trills and tweets
And cheep cheeep cheep

Threat to air safety
What poppy cock
ENglish Nature
Put a sock

In your mouths
For goodness sake
Protect our song birds
Your news is fake

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