Grouse moors and our precious Ravens

Its weird the way that Nature works
And grouse moors apparently
Dont like raptors in their midst
The aristocracy
Apparently are in it for the game
The sport of kings
And kudos is a just reward
For pretty birds with wings

As for true predation
Hen harriers Seem to be
Ravens have a liking for fresh wild eggs
They see
Red grouse eggs as something rather
Tasty so I am told
And its weird again
That licenses apparently
Are like gold

Shooters killing Ravens
Beautiful black knights
Amazingly intelligent
But they have lost their rights
To be raptors up in Scotland
Someone Hears their caws
And it might be gamekeepers
Working the grouse moors

Blanket bogs and heather
Raptors if you please
Its all down to the weather
We are also losing bee’s
The natural world is reeling
As habitats are lost
Could it be wealthy businesses
And what the wild birds cost

Issuing these licences
Some 4000 or more
Taking out the Ravens
Turning And trying to ignore
For me its breaking natural laws
And I just wonder why
Scottish Natural Heritage
Takes its manna from the sky

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