Extinction is forever

Singing birds and animation
Help us see their real salvation
Young and clearly so afraid
On their tired worn backs are laid
Sadness truly and lamentation
Putting paid to all creation
Shadows no more once so many
Now just heaps of bones
Not any

Living forms
Alas for they
Some drowned and others flew away
We chomped through trillions
The carnivore
Fried chicken and chips
And mountains more
Lambs and cows and pigs we chewed
Torturing them each of their brood

Who suffered long
who suffered well
As we created a living HELL

Extinction is forever
Despite our science we
Cannot get back what we have lost
And so pre-history
Tells us of the dinosaurs
That wandered across the land
The giants made up
With minerals
That Mother Nature planned

But humans they just mined them all
Stole them all away
Genetically modified other creatures
And watched them sadly pay
Our arrogance at playing god
We thought we knew the score
We began by splicing all the genes
Without knowing what for

Abusing horn and ivory
And scales and skin and fur
Feathers hair we wanted it
Its not as if we were
Without skin we all possessed skin
But sadly wanted more
We hunted every creature
And just broke every law

Extinction is forever
A finality
Our children will now remember
Our true depravity
Not a living soul to witness
Only digital forms
on line
Thats the peril of Science
And the fact that most would dine

On every single animal
On birds on fish on more
We exploited every species
Turned life itself to gore
We drank their blood
We tortured them
We abused their every day
And finally they all gave up
And infact faded Way.

The vegans were the masterful ones
Who lasted a few centuries longer

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