Monthly Archives: December 2018

The Hunting Act 2004

Laws that are being broken With the authority of the few Our wild ones they were spoken For But what did you lot do You made it known that the tories Loved the hunting clan That you prefereed to turn … Continue reading

The drug

Pain the sort of malady That grabs you in the night It makes you feel so all alone Some say you feel like shite And so step up to pain killers Prescriptive ones out there Or over the counter cocktails … Continue reading

WE consume

Our basic tenent Apparently is to accumulate And use An undeniable fact of life This planet we abuse How many pairs of socks have you? How many pairs of shoes? All of us have far too much Which doesnt make … Continue reading

Wolves and coyotes

Wild wyoming Get the snowmobile Chase down the wild ones you have the right To torment to torture And ofcourse yes to pursue Wolves and coyotes chase them crazy Till they fall just run them down In cold blood then … Continue reading

Crashing out

Crashing out Is what Blairs about He so crashed in his war Killing many Innocent children And what was that all for? The tory people sadly Remoaners at their core And now theres Blair Who wants to share The limelight … Continue reading

Extinction is forever

Singing birds and animation Help us see their real salvation Young and clearly so afraid On their tired worn backs are laid Sadness truly and lamentation Putting paid to all creation Shadows no more once so many Now just heaps … Continue reading

Royalty and Corporatism

A golden piano For our golden oldies Respect for each other Grenfell and the rest Gatwick the drone scare And BREXIT the nightmare And ofcourse Mrs May Negotiator the best! The queen looked resplendent Surrounded by grandeur 92 years of … Continue reading

From the darkness

Having no eyes Doesn’t mean we can’t see Darkness holds much Of the true mystery Which exists in its depths Switching on a great light Nocturnal nouse Seen as something thats right Movement feels slower When The eyes grow and … Continue reading


Of the sea An intelligence Second to none A companion When the day is done Lost on the ocean Ripples and rings We talk to ourselves And we know what that brings Some might say madness But others know It … Continue reading

Deer in a forest from a hunters perspective

A mortal span A fleeting glance Eternity Could be a chance An unearthly hour How untimely Its in the cards Its what we do The deer may see May feel may need Some sweetness If he does succeed His randomness … Continue reading