Baby calves

Abandonment reality
For calves now everywhere
Humans drinking dairy milk
If they were aware
Of What happens to the babies
That the milk they drink
Was for
Would they want to drink it still
Despite the pus and gore

Its always been a business
Profitable perhaps
The raping and the kidnapping
And the torture under wraps
Its not in the advertisments
The cruelty out there
The murdering the savagery
The torture the despair

The dairy trade is evil
Calves they have no say
The day they are born they Are kidnapped
Just stolen away
The mother cries her eyes out
For her babies are going to be
Taken to the slaughterhouse
And murdered mercilessly

And now under the halal kosher
Religious rules we see
Babies killed in front of each other
Their throats slit
Can it be
Allowed in this age really
What is infanticide
Writhing in each others blood
And now you know whose lied

These three calves filmed
In desperation
Imagine it if you can
Watching as some human being
Slaughters a life span
Of a few days and so creation
Wasted so that we
Can use their milk
To feed our people
And profit constantly

Subsidize the farmers
Let the tax payers pay
To boost these murdering slaughterman
And the calves wont see the day
Out born to just be murdered
So their milk can then be sold
How sick can any human be
It just leaves me cold

How some choose to look Away
We cannot bear to see
We want our creamy Cadburys milk
And our skimmed milk in our tea
We want the dairy custard on our xmas pud
And the double cream on our mince pies
Because we are told it us good

But what of the grieving mother
What of the babies they
Crowded on a truck
off to the slaughterhouse
We pay
No attention to them
Their screams their blood loss we
Are only intent on supping their milk
And not wanting to see

These poor souls drenched in each others blood
Screaming from their heart
Being manhandled by traitorous men
Wanting to impart
More abuse than is necessary
Torturing them and they
Are suffering such agony
Every single day

Beaten up And kicked about
Threatened its all wrong
Calves are little babies
They do not belong
In slaughterhouses
Being tortured
Being forced to die
We hear them in our nightmares
asking us all why

Well thats thise vegans
They are privvy to the babies cries
The rest of you blatantly
Are seemingly far from wise
You remain part of the equation
The torture and the pain
The ugliness the evil
And The really vile refrain

2 comments on “Baby calves

  1. Bonnie healey on said:

    This is so well written it made me cry. I kept thinking back to the picture I had put on Facebook with the little calves being manhandled and slaughtered, as the other little ones stood in fear waiting their turn. It is heartbreaking to me as animals are one of my biggest loves outside my family. As I’ve gotten into looking on Facebook and reading and looking at the videos, there are times I wish I’d never seen any of it. I never realized how cruel mankind was until then. I guess out of site, out of mind.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Thankyou being tearful is good in so many ways sadly what we humans do to the babies
      Forces to suffer the sins of others and the extraordinary wrath felt by all animals in this situation

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