Autumnal ritual 27/11

27/11/2018 at Rollright Stones Oxfordshire

Autumnal sprinklings
Sparkling spangles
Soulfully display
A period of solemnity
In their scintillating way
The light gives course to pigment
And a kaleidescopic hue
Many leaves have fallen
Their Transformation now onto
The waiting earth
Hungry for the nutrients to be
Turning it to humus
Enrichment dutifully

We must acquaint ourselves
With the great bounty
That will be
Quietly going on beneath our feet
The constancy of knowing
That creation is in charge
Each sabbat has a message
And is evident and large

Gnarled and venerable Elder
The Celtic tree of now
When arborescent many branches
That elder gun was how
Children long ago when I
Was just a little lad
the elder wood to make
A pop gun it came via my dad

We are gathered at the rollrights
To welcome Autumn’s air
Of calmness of ebulliance
The rich colours that we share
Winter coming rapidly
The dark times and the frosts
Dormancy apparent
With its extended costs

Can you feel that mood
Out in the woods
Exhaustion feels apparently
Setting as yule’s murmerings
In the litter ever still
Every tiny drop of what
We know as chlorophyll

Will be adding to the store
For leaves requiring it
In Spring
Autumnal colourations
Purposefully bring
A labouring distortion
Preparing now for snow
When branches may be laden
And an icy wind may blow

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