Hunting holidays for all the family

We see a happy family
Mum and dad and all
On their hunting holiday
Children as a rule
Can spend some useful
Hunting hours
Out there on the farm
Can join up with the hosts family
Where all the world is calm

On the Orongo mountains
Extinct volcanoes rise
And all of this in Namibia
Under their blue skies
A hunting ranch and guest farm
Killing animals too
On their private farming land
This is what they do

All sorts of animals
Ready to be shot down and killed
Baboons hyenas caracals
Leopards giraffes blood spilled
Around the land of OMBU
Its all in house and they
Do anything you want them to
In the Namibian way

its the best of both worlds
Everyone can go
And kill the precious wildlife
That always is on show
And we can see a family here
As happy as can be
With a Caracal that they have shot
Which is now history

The son looks rather miserable
But the rest apparently
Are all smiles they are on holiday
And what a place to be
Ostrich Zebra Dik Dik Warthogs
Lots and lots of game
All you do is fly into
WIndhoek yea the same

For the hunting father
He can bring his kids along
Leave them in the guest farms
Nothing can go wrong
And off he goes a killing
Anything around
Clearly its a paradise
On earth that he has found

Cold beer in the evenings
The wild life barbecued
The carnivoral hunting
Where everything is skewed
Towards the great outdoors
Where hunting parties go
A great place for the children
As this picture here does

Private farm land stocked with a wealth
Of wild animals just waiting to be shot to death
And served up on the barbecue
A great way to spend holiday
Everything catered for

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