Wild life casualties everywhere

farming from imported stock
Is ignorant indeed
Cattle and sheep compact
The ground
Destruction of the seed
The plants that otherwise
Would grow and retain
The moisture for
Those wild souls really miracles
its so wrong to ignore

They do not out gas methane
As cattle and sheep do
So the weather is not as affected
As the imported stock, its true
Obtaining protein from ungulates
Has its down side too
They drink a lot of water
And their methane loss is high
Add up all that wasteage
And ofcourse it fills the sky

Cutting trees another
Really foolish thing to do
Our forests are our potent lung
Capacity all through
Animals live within the branches
Feed upon the leaves
This was our great mothers wish
For really it achieves

Much in aiding climate
We have to understand
This planet is not ruled by the flesh trade
Its ruled by Natures hand
She is omni present she is everywhere
And the frustration that we cause
She creates a lesson
An extreme to make is pause

The problem is the grey suit tribe
In mansions far away
Lack the general commonsense
And let them get away
Give them loads of subsidies
And tell them they are right
And Give them guns to go and shoot
The kangaroos at night

Lobbyists the flesh trade
The leather trade the boys
Hand over fist they are making it
But I dont feel the joys
Drought is worse than ever
CAttle so many there
Sheep the same imported stock
And ongoing despair

The wild souls are not enemies
They should be provided for
Considering you are murdering them
For them its one long war
Your ignorance is unbelievable
Your arrogance is too
And being mindful of your lands
Is something you cant do

In reality Austalia
Is an iconic place
Far removed from everywhere
A real wholesome base
The indigenous both human
And animals exist
Long before you grey suits
Who in 200 years have missed
The point about creation
By at least a thousand miles
Lost the power that Nature brings
And actually, that riles

It causes the relentless changes
Happening today
The disrespect of wild ones
Will make others pay
And this is what is happening
Meat eating isnt good
Its very very heaty
Which is misunderstood

Especially in Australia
Where cancers are now high
Taking out a lot of city folk
Clearly a lie
Exists around the countryside
That flesh is what they need
Grains yes and vegetables
For a country to succeed

Ascertain the true cost
Of Meat the sun the rain
The water and the wages
Dont forget the vile methane
Its adding to the ozone hole
Its changing everyday
Impacting on the environment
In a very negative way

And your idea is shoot the roo’s
And subsidize those who
Are making the problem greater
You havent got a clue
And our Mother is frustrated
How anyone can be
So damned ignorant and arrogant
And how you fail to see

Yin and yang study it sometime
Realise the wealth you have

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