The Perry Magic

Here we have a pygmy fracking expert
Common purpose raining in her will
A sad day for the people
Earthquakes must be seen
As anger from the earth itself
The policy obscene

Promised relaxation
Of the seismic rules
This is an indication
Of them treating us as fools
Ramping up the disrespect
Of protectors who would feel
The consequences growing
And the risks so very real

In deference to others
One would imagine caution would
Be seen as far more prudent
But she thinks that she could
See through all this bluster
From this fracking energy
And relax rules despite our calls
Dictatorial she be

Humiliating all of us
Who have researched this matter well
Who have seen the awful happenings
That others do now tell
Our island is so different
From America and we
Have mine workings now everywhere
A fact she fails to see

the ignorance is blatant
The stupidity is too
Drafted in to rule the roost
She is hopeless thats my view
Money talks the tories
Are an arrogant brigade
But it only takes one accident
And on her head it will be laid

She clearly is the fall guy
Greg clark will fade away
The sadness is these people we vote in
Just lose their way
This is not democracy
Democrazy maybe
And we are effectively powerless
I think most of us see

And realizing when things happen
And happen badly we
Will have to take the can
And face the music tragically.

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