“Remembering those that are missing”

Consciousness coupled with soul urge
And a reasoning power seemingly
Gives purpose and great understanding
To deep thought and profundity
Raising awareness to a mindful degree
About murdered women and the missing
That we
See among the Indigenous And proud Navajo
A contemplative act concentrated to show

The great world at large
A healing path to
A brainchild of hope
A deliberative view
A 100 mile walk
Window Rock to Shiprock
A co-founder John Tsosie
And others with a great power
To lock

On to the problem
And especially to
Remember one Ashlyne Mike
A young girl who
Went missing and was murdered
And her father walked too
Remembering his daughter
Each and Every step laden
With solace anew

Her mother
Spoke at events on the way
A pronouncement confirming
That no one should pay
For their birth right
Whatever and wherever they be
It took guts and great strength
And belief which was key

Historically speaking
The idea had come
From the the “long walk to Bosque Redondo”
When once again some
Navajo people walked
Then under the thumb
Of the US government
Ethnic cleansing and they
Did what they knew best
And walked all the way

Its authentic and peaceful
Where truthfulness reigns
Interllectually sound
And done with great pains
Inspiring through foresight
And breadth of mind
Both Lucid and coherent
With a sense they could find

A lasting impression
A meaningful time
Clearly significant
Giving birth to this rhyme
A notable journey
Unfolding each day
And drawing the mindsets
In such a way

For 15 years the organization
Had been working hard
For the Navajo Nation
Raising awareness
In so many ways
Affirming and asserting
and worthy of praise

Nigh volumes of cases
Apparently do
In Indian Country
It hapoens all through
Human trafficking
Domestic violence
And more
But With their positive
Few now ignore

The work they do
And the energy they put into it

The title of their dedication
Was a sign carried throughout the walk
Saying “Remembering those that are missing”

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