A thousand people
Have joined the protectors
The movement is showing its face
Cuadrilla the corporate cancer
Created confusion all over the place

Egan just one of the frackers
Whose humility just isnt there
Its all common purpose
And banksters and profits
Of his emptiness we Are aware

Claire Perry another example
of thinking that she knows it all
She talks up the rights of the frackers
And ignores all our rights when we haul

Ourselves everyday to the well head
Our ribbons our messages we
Protect what is ours protect
all these hours
And deflect all the negativity

We all said NO the council said NO
But of course we were all overuled
The banksters are gangsters
And they put up the cash
To really go all out and give it a bash
PNR Is in the sacrifice zone
And we are the locals who go it alone

Thrown about kettled and treated like dirt
The constabulary enforcers they have been curt
We have continued with lock ons for we
Know we are right and were born to be free

Greg clarke and his people
What do they know down in the south
Out of the flow

Cuadrilla is fracking the earthquakes
Are cracking
What we are lacking is more and more backing
The three are free and Rosie is too
We fight the good fight
And its all down to you

5 sodding earthquakes have happened till today
Since Cuadrilla started fracking
It seems the way
The tories wont listen despite how loud we
Shout to the heavens and hope they will be

Listening up there we have a blue sky
And a thousand at least of you
Wanting to try
And wake up the tories
Just let them see
The nunbers are growing thats how it will be

From the pad we can see pollutant clouds rise
Downwind of that it is no surprise
Already their lies are beginning to be
Shown for what they are an eternity

Of lies all they want is to drill and to run
When they have mucked up and the day is done
They are off to their mansions their tax free places
Nobody anywhere then sees their faces

Fracking is lacking humility
That is whats wrong with the tories
They be
All into profit but not a prophet in sight
Just swank and more swank and Thinking they are right

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