“Pinky” was our little mouse
Who lived with us within our house
She was loving sweet and kind
With a typical micelets mind
Loved to take the cheese from us
Really caused us little fuss
Slept in daytime
Up at night
When the moon was shining bright

“Pinky” was our pride and joy
And will be missed it does annoy
Us for yesterday they were eating cheese
And eternal sleep does never please
She will be buried with others where
The acacia grove its roots will share
Eternity and beyond my dears
With a cup full of our tears
“Pinky” what a lovely soul
Who came to visit and stayed

2 comments on “PINKY

  1. SHESH ROBERTS on said:

    Sobbing uncontrollably ~ thank you dearest Rex for sharing your compassionate gift ~ Pinky mattered…..much love always ❤❤❤

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