Ngangkari healers

Kindred spirits
Tribal clan
Since life began
An eminence and supremacy
A true command
And discovery

The Ngangkari healers
Have reached Adelaide,
And now they see
Their primitiveness
And all who be
Open to the ancients
And all their maternal instincts
From time gone when
To thee

Complementary medicine
Bushtucker memories
Bush and spirit alignment
Panpooni for pain and blockages
And obstruction even they
Use their physical energy
In an invigorating way

The influence of Natures ways
Of time honoured
Hands on each encounter
With rhymical diversity
Harmonious and grounded
Wrapped up in the dreamtime
Are healers
With intuition
Which is really how they see

The knowledge of the elders
And the ancestors
From where
They possess a wild intelligence
Of which they are aware

Able to determine.
Forecasts one might say
Working with bush magic
And true empathy
A clarity and coherence
An alternative view
Where the wilderness meets the sky
Is what and how they do

Their medicine
When all else fails
They demonstrate a way
Without resorting to BIG PHARMA
Seemingly they say
And affirm a genuine message
They emphatically create
One of healing and revealing
And true teaching of late

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