Myanmar’s elephants

No respite for the pachyderms
The tragedy we hear
Of elephants shot with poisonous darts
And bullets its the fear
Of the largest of land animals
That was created to be wild
Is being murdered everywhere
Its spirit just defiled

We know ofcourse that ivory
Has threatened them and they
Are now being killed for their precious skin
And sadly its a way
For the locals corrupted who
Break the law and the poachers
Then murder they do

The animals have to be skinned
As soon as they fall down
Some we hear are skinned alive
They really go to town
On cruelty and vile abuse
When an animal that is shot
And injured and still dying
And sadly thete are a lot

Of animals falling victim
To these rogues and scoundrels who
Are being paid by traders
For the skin for what they do
Is dry it and then grind it up
For bogus medicines and cream
For softening peoples faces
Its the most frightening of dream

For the poison that is used to kill
The elephant
Can be
still inside the skin of course
And the skin cream so we see
People applying dreadful poisons
That sink into their soul
And cause them further damage
These quacks are out of control

Elephant blood in bracelets
Its macacbre if you ask me
What is it with the people
Have they no dignity
Cant they feel the karmic debt
They take on when they wear
These backwater treatments
It really leaves me spare

Creation in the beginning
Must have imagined
By design
That humans when created
Would be quite divine
They wouldnt stoop to hunting
To poaching and to this
Evil criminality
Whereas it is lawless

The human being is now so base in their life journey
Murdering the wild souls for any reason people fail to see the value
Of the wild animals that were gifted to them to appreciate

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