Murdering wildlife for the toffs

They see it like
Farmed animals
All of them raised to kill
For meat
The flesh trade
Is lucrative
Where The big boys get to spill
A fortune
And they lobby hard
And grey suits
Can but hear
So the rich mans sport
Of murdering the Pheasants
Its so clear

Almost as ozone clouds a forming
And the queen is at it too
Sanctioning the killing of cats
Who just might go and do
The murdering of birds of game
Slaughtered raptors
Protecting toffs
So Really its all the same

Gamekeepers employed to be
On their game now constantly
Arrogantly changing predation
That Nature provides
So the toffs salvation
Is killing the pheasants
What a thought
For the gentlefolk
All of them caught
In what is considered
The rich mans sport

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