An element of naivety
Thats, if you ask me
I have always thought that
Souls that fly
And visit flowers
Would be
Assisting pollination
To call a soul a pest
Is an arrogance
Beyond me
But its something
To attest

To hear that in the Himilayas
Its discovered to be
That certain moths
Are pollinators
Are a factor and a key
To me to why a bee
Would be
The only pollinator
Up there in the cold
Its down to the creator

Nature cannot be
Underestimated never she
Is far more resourceful
To the plight of flowers
Than you or me
That their long proboscis
Should claim some pollen grain
And pass it onto other flowers
An eternal chain

We are too quick
To label souls
Because we call them pests
A better word is souls me thinks
And upon this fact
It rests
Science has to realize
A higher energy
Is at work out here
Than just simple man
Who suddenly finds a key

12000 species
A miracle in creation
Was not designed simply to be a pest
Or to be fodder for BIG PHARMA
We must sometimes use the eyes we were given
And remember the great mother
Has wisdom

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