14 years of leaking oil
How many sleepless nights
Undutifulness and disregard
For the ocean creatures
Being scarred

This filthy sputum
The unconcern
The recklessness
At every turn
This energy so negative
Uncaring all the while
So slipshod and so slapdash
How can they recocile

Uncapped wells
12 miles Away
700 barrels every day
Into the gulf into the brine
Withbmore and more lives
on the line

Pollution no solution
Trying to walk away
The casualness and laxness
For me nothing to say
But clearly what is gradually
In the salty depths below
A cataclysmic evil
As anyone must know

Taylor energy just says
No evidence at all
Refuses to participate
I can forsee a wall
Of filth for every cetacean
And to me this is too much
To me it seems that science
Is clearly out of touch

With the reality of each moment

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