Capturing orca’s and dolphins
And whales and placing them in bath tub zoos
Clearing oceans of vast nets of fish
Without paying all of our dues
Vacuuming up all the small fry
To feed the farm fish in more tanks
And clearing the sea with the by-catch
Really and honestly ranks

The greatest of crimes at the moment
Trawling the sea bottom where
So many small fish and wild creatures
but are murdered in one sweep
So there
the french are upset about england
Pinching the scallops all small
Still babies yet england is ignorant too
Fish eating humans walk tall

The likes of sea world what an outfit
Torturing Dolphins at will
Forcing them into captivity
Halving their lives we just kill
Off all the wild ones for profit
Talking up education its true
Its greed and its arrogance
Killing the oceans
Thats what they fucking well do

Its sickening malevolent criminals
Stealing the wealth of the sea.
They have no right to be doing this
Their brinkmanship how can it be
Its because of the parasite people
The supporters the ads that they write.
Everyones after everyones blood
As Our days in the sun turn to night

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