Left to my own resources
No food, nothing at all
Most of the time no one
To love me
However much I did call
And so i just decided
There was no reason to be
Here anymore
I’d walk out the door
And just Find my destiny

Los Angeles is a big place
Lots of people there
But nobody to look after me
Just increasing despair
I was sad beyond words really
Being so alone
I wanted to be loved so much
And a place to call my own

But it did not materialise
Sadly not for me
From dawn to dusk
I slogged the streets
And cried incessantly
No food no where to bed down
No basket no where warm
When it rained i just got soaked
Even in a storm

I had to kind of sit it out
And dry off best I could
For days and days I wondered
Could my life be good
Some people were nice to me
Others were so gruff
Ran me out of their backyards
Yes life was really tough

Taking from the gutter
Anything I could I was feeling weaker
My skin it didnt feel good
It was very itchy I was dirty
And I knew
That I was going to die some day
Alone, and thats what drew

Me to well kind of thinking perhaps
Go residential
walk around the streets
Where people were
perhaps someone might see me
And help me It might stir
Love inside some stranger
Who might just take me in
I thought
Otherwise to die alone out here
Would count for naught

And actually someone did see me
Apparently they thought
In my scruffy condition
That I was a wolf
In short
Angels came to get me
A Caring thoughtful lass
Who talked to me
So gently
At no time was she crass

And none of the vile expletives
No threats nothing like that
This lady was just lovely
I felt that I was at
A place that I had dreamed I’d be
Someone who might care
Someone who might love me
Someone standing there

Offering me some biscuit
What had I to lose
I had reached rock bottom
Just feeling the blues
Overcome by everything
Feeling really low
And someone came out of no where
And I wanted to go

With them and I was
At the vets being looked after there
Being washed and being loved
People there did care
They stroked me
And they fed me
And they loved me for who I was
Full on mange
The parasites
Were at me well because

My system had begun
To shut down
I was so forlorn
Never in a month of sundays
Since I had been born
Had I got quite so sad inside
Crying everyday
Wanting some love from anyone
And prepared to pay

It was horribly uncomfortable
My ears my mouth my all
But these folk really cared for me
And I heard them call
“Julia come on lovely”
Directed at me
Me a wolf like ragged hound
No one could ever see

My health well it rebounded
My confidence it came
Back to me the food and warmth
And care there was no blame
Just love and a commitment
To get me well and see
If they could find a family
Who might just take me

A foster home inside a home
With a welcoming refrain
Somewhere I could sit snd rest
And be a dog again
Be loyal to my fsmily
And not be feeling bad
Not be having nightmares
Like all the nights I had had

The worrying and the uneasiness
Left me gradually
All that irritation
Of it, I was free
Blessed again and hoping
A forever home would be
Somewhere I could call, my home
For an eternity

A warm glow of cordiality
Was running through my veins
Influenced and happy
With all the lovely gains
Good food and the caring
The love I had always missed
Other dogs were happy
Other dogs were kissed

But me life had been terrible
All alone and blue
I wanted so much to be happy
I do think we all do
Someone just to call me
Someone I could show
My feelings too
Someone out there
I knew I could go

And then I got the message
My forever home was now
I was in the wagon
Really I dont how
It all came together
But I had a glow in me
I just felt this was going
To be the day when I would see

My new folks and I heard
Dogs barking I could smell
A place
It smelled good
I heard voices there
In a new neighbourhood
A way out side the city
Lots of green around
And I was in a brand new home
My joyfulness I found

A lady with two big dogs
One a bit like me
Her daughter who was smiling
The house was big to see
And feel and hear the happiness
I hoped at last I could be
Part of what looked beautiful
A forever home for me

Yes I am here still part of
A forever family
Filled with love and lovely walks
And friendship where I be
In my own space my basket
Toys and Joys and I
It all clicked into place
For me I ay this on a high

My coat now it is perfect
The woods are at the back
The yard is really spacious
Nothing do I lack
The boys are about as big as me
And already we are friends
You cannot imagine
The joy I feel
And how all of this sends

Neglect had caused
People to feel
I was a wild wild wolf
For real
That probably saved me
Got me to where
The angels came
And began to care

My recent life story
Started badly
But happily I now relate it
Its christmas here
Yule tide glee
In a loving home
Where they all love me

Its hard to express
How good I feel
How life can be lovely and so real
From bad beginnings
To heaven on earth
With a family who care
And know its worth

So very much in every way
We all muck in and every day
Gets better and better
with lots of play
Lovely grub and a places to be
And the woods to explore
To pretend and see
The wild forest folk
And know that I be

Where all animals should be
In a loving caring beautiful place

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