James Hansen and his comments

James Hansen is the father
Of Climate Science and he
Knows much more about it all
And so seemingly
Is far from being happy about
The tory stance
On fracking in the country
Which is no song nor dance

Ignoring all the Science
Is tantamount to being
Someone one there as arrogant
Who isnt really seeing
The peer reviewed Science
And evidence thats there
Fossil fuels and poisons
All compromise the air

With great risks to the aquifers
The water we all need
Its kicking off on Monday
Really jt does feed
Into the corporatocracy
With few ideas in place
On climate on decarbonisation
Environments must face

Up to relaxing the known threats
For the dream of energy
With no regard to whats coming
No hedging of bets
What about our children.
what are we leaving them
The government must do its sums
From all of this doth stem

A world of such high methane
Which goes against what we
Know Shale gas is really pollutive
And therefore cannot be
Welcomed with the flags and banners
And protectors thrown in jail
The angels they were cautioning us
About the fracking tail

There are many wrongdoers
Villains let me say
Wanting to make their fast buck
Who have really lost their way
Its greed and it is ego
The arrogant galore
Fracking is a filthy way
Wasteful to the core

on these crowded island
It really is so wrong
In this day of climate change
It does not belong

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