The indigenous women

Its the unnatural tsunami
Great waves roll in and they
Are smothered by the incitement
That can often come their way
A cultural confusion
A lack of what is real
The pre-existing formula
That genuine appeal

Historical and grounded
Familial inborn
Creation allocated
What was their true Dawn
Wildness a true quality
Crucial to their time
Honoured with their relevance
Their indomitable climb

What is their authenticity
Unanimously so
An antidote of balance
Creative and in tow
With all of natures wonders
Closer to the earth
With an eminence of being
And a truly common worth

A wholeness and a fullness
And pure integrity
With a harmony of womanhood
In its entirety
Methodical and ordered
Outgoing aforesaid
Confident of ones footprint
And where you have been led

Each part of the beginning
Cyclical and on course
To carry the traditions
The culture and the force
Unremitting and perpetual
To the vagaries of time
And all embracing quality
Worthy of my rhyme

Why therefore are these gems
Being destroyed their contrast may
Create an abberation
That will not go away
To not conform or demonstrate
The fashion of the day
But to be wholly accountable
As women in every way

Ebrace the beauty and the purity
Of indigenous women the world over
Respect their glory and honourable place
And protect them at all times from the insanity
Of the modern world

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