The Blue Whale

a nuclear submarine 3800 feet long
A blue whale 98 feet long

In all of the world since the beginning of time
The blue whale is bigger than ever my dears
It dwarfs almost everything and just consumes krill
At least 4o million per day it must fill
Its chasm of a mouth with its gigantic tongue
That weighs in at almost 2 and a half tonne
That 10 foot long Penis
Now what about that
The females they know
Now Where they are at

In all the worlds oceans
25000 exist as today
That is the notion
Hunted before by the whalers of course
With bloody harpoons
And enormous force

They are the roquals like humpbacks and fins
Brydes and Sei and the Minke
The sins
of the japanese Norwegian and icelanders
are killing the Roquals now every day
The Minke the smallest the Fins they all play
Second fiddle to the BLUE at the end of the day

10′or so million years the blues incarnation
Thankfully miracles and our salvation
Any who see them are so struck with such awe
Really you just wish to see them much more
They can swim at 30 miles per hour
At 40 odd feet the depth They average that now
The females are bigger I guess they need to be
Their brains though are small
15 pounds normally.

The blue whales are miracles
THe great Mother knows
The whalers however well anything goes
Explosive grenades exact so much pain
And with Fins it now happens again and again

“At the end of the season iceland will have harpooned and flensed
191 giant fin whales and 27 babies torn out of their mothers and tossed
Into the bin

A poem I have written for each of the whales and the babies
In their memory”

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