J50 also known as Scarlet

My mother Slick J16 she was
Really so caring and that was because
All Orca mothers adore their offspring
There was Mike Echo Alki and me
And the thing
We all found, was out in the ocean and
Life had become really hard
And to be
In that existence
All part of the whole
The sum and the substance
Each knowing our role

Nothing was easy
With so much to learn
Mother was purposeful
Full of concern
For all us clearly
A challenging place
Socially active
Life at a pace

We all were aware
Of the surroundings in which
We lived and we learned
The things that she taught
It All did enrich
The phenomenal outlook
The state of affairs
The matriarchs wisdom
And how else she cares

So much to contend with
To weaken us all
Despite being spunky and
Always on call
We knew she was rattled
By influences she
Had little to do with
The polluted sea

Our family bond
Is the yoke and the power
It gives us cohesion
And every hour
We spend together
Our integrity
Grows like the wind
And our entirety

Creates in us harmony
Order and strength
Teamwork is good work
And we go to great length
To establish this order
This marshalling form
Nothing does phase us
Not even the storm

But there are many pitfalls
Not least the world
The range of pollutants
In which we are hurled
The plastics the paints
The rubber the noise
DDT Fire retardents
They are hardly joys

And so much more besides
Longlasting they
Sicken and harm
At the end of the day
My sister Alki gave birth
Too she may
Have not been that healthy
And Sonic poor thing
Became sick and died
And that death did bring

Much melancholy
Inside our group
The Southern Resident
Killer whale troop
It did set us back
Mother was sad
It all could be beautiful
But we know that its bad

Humans apparently
There are many sorts
Those that care
Those they dont
And some with no thoughts
Driving the boats
Making the noise
We play we enjoy
Like all girls and boys

Mother was assisted
The rakes prove that she
Wasnt as strong
As I think she could be
We are critically endangered
A long word I know
But recently folks
I’ve been out of the flow

A general weakness
Maybe the genes
Mother passed onto me
But the threats to existence
And the food quality
And The percentage of sickness
Throughout the salt sea

Wild we are wild
Like the winds from the sky
We are purposefully built
With the clearest of eye
We have capability
Vigour and drive
But so many of us
Now just cannot survive

Since I have been poorly
I noticed that they
The sensitive humans
They have come my way
They have shown concern
But really overall
The majority fail us
Driving us up the wall

My mother had told me
Of my destiny
She was powerless to help
But had said to me
When the time comes
To just go to sleep
And She would soon follow
Down into the deep

So much over fishing
And dredging the sea
The seine nets the long lines
Are a travesty
Tyrannical forces
Want to destroy
With their rigs and their drills
Such a maddening ploy

My head felt so sickly
Uncomfortably so
I knew over the last few days
That I would go
The humans were out there
Looking for me
But I had decided
To go peacefully

5 comments on “J50 also known as Scarlet

  1. ReNay Carr on said:

    The tears are flowing but words of truth they know their finality but yet they go on swimming through. The fish would help feed us but humans need to help us too. I’m not sure if we will ever know the reason for death at any age but each time we go there is not another to take our place. We love entertaining you and there are many who will never see how beautiful we are inside and out and what joy we bring. We are trying to stay afloat but when we’re tired we don’t float. Our ancestors lived for many years and now we go to meet them and share stories of times gone by. Blackfish is what we are called and our heritage will forever be.

  2. Your words are so true my dear x


    I’m still speechless. Thank you for this blog Rex. I’m using this in a post
    God bless you

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