In the lap of the gods

The king could hear her above his roar
A sound that he dare not ignore
Tuned into “bast” he made his way
To the coastal cliff where he would stay
The water lapping at his feet
The sun above providing heat
“Siren” below calling his name
King of the Lions your claim to fame

He pushed his head into the brine
A glowing light a kind of sign
A beautiful women with flailing hair
And the bluest eyes made him aware
Dont be afraid king of the land
This is my kingdom it is grand
As you see me so I be
More in love with the likes of thee

The King pushed on forgetting he
Could not breathe beneath the sea
But her charm and her enchanting face
Her melodic voice and extreme grace
Made him dive into the wild
He just felt like a little child
Again in spiritual harmony
With his lady in the undersea

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