Iceland 3 and 4

When Sea Shepherd sunk
Two of the ships
6 and 7 they
You might have thought
Would get the message
But sadly not
In sway

They carried on regardless
With 8 and 9
And they
are killing over 190
That is what they say

Imagine all those endangered
Whales butchered in Rehkjavik
By his brainwashed workers
The whole thing makes me sick

Even thinking how today
These two whales swam so free
Came up for air
Yes the despair
Harpooned immediately

Blown to buts inside themselves
In spite of creations care
The miracle of ocean life
Now seen everywhere

iceland runs whale watching tours
I know its hard to believe
These hypocrites could do this
So that they achieve

What loftsson wants.he gets
In Iceland he’s the man
He says they are a sustainable resource
He is from the great Norse clan

And killing whales is in his blood
In his brain and heart
I hope the mercury gets to him
At least begins to start

Gnawing away at his brain box
Letting him realize
That eating these polluted souls
May one day surprise

Even him the whales last gasp
Their agony and pain
Will tell on Mr Loftsson
For theres not a lot to gain

From killing these great miracles
These marvels of the sea
Just to increase his ego
Which is the biggest it can be.

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