Iceland 22

The blue the sleek the beautiful
A hybrid was their cry
Half blue half fin
What I ask
Really truthfully why
Any whale should be flensed and packed
In ice until Japan
Calls off its vatious orders
which is how it all began

A blue whale so endangered
So special Which is why
The price for breathing icelandic air
Is whales all have to die
In a terrible way by being
Blown up inside the pain
Is excruciating of course it is
And happens again and again

And loftsson thinks he has the right
To murder at his will
Send his boats and hunters
Into overkill
Into a vast ice sea where these dear
Mammals are
And wait for them
And shoot them
Their poor bodies scar

This blue they call a hybrid
Looks very much a blue
Watch tHem wriggle with faces red
For the government should sue
But they are a bunch of inbreds
Trolls thats what they are
Heartless nasty bastards
All following their star

Loftsson the millionaire
Whose blindly following his father
A nationalistic zombie

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